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👋 there! 

Kimberly here—a driven and open-minded communicator who’s obsessed (yes, obsessed) with connecting with others and supporting those around me. 

As a social media producer for Warner Media - CNN, I'm part of a team that brings people, technology, and the world’s best storytellers together to drive culture and meaningful connection. Together, we believe the enduring power of stories can open our eyes to the 🌎, to each other, and to new and different perspectives. 👩‍💻
Before my time at Warner Media, I worked at the largest pediatric provider in Georgia and the top local 📺 station in Atlanta. At Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, I was responsible for managing communication initiatives across digital and social media platforms—ensuring Marketing, External and Internal Communications teams were operating with excellence for the 400,000 patients annually seen at Children’s. 🏥 From analyzing data and building schedules to managing projects from concept to execution, my passion for helping and educating others played a critical role in ensuring the hospital system was set up for success and growth for many years to come. 📈  Most notably, I was tasked with building and maintaining a digital asset management system of more than 10,000 photo and video files. With proven experience managing timelines and deliverables, I successfully trained and onboarded several departments on the tool—creating workflows that made it possible for teams to excel.

At WSB-TV, I used TweetDeck to newsgather to help teams identify events and emerging trends on Twitter. 🐦 This strategy, coupled with my ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, drove unique content experiences that ultimately led to the station reaching 1 million followers on Twitter, making history as the first local TV station to do so in the 🇺🇸. 

I’m a dual citizen who believes we're all in this beautiful, messy life together. I think the secret to being loved is to love, the secret to being interesting is to be interested, and the secret to having a friend is to be a friend. Above all, I believe in a world where if you can be anything, be yourself. ❤️

Among many things, I've a great passion for the environment, equality for all, animal welfare, and for anyone who feels they have a voice that can’t be heard. 🌿🐕📢 I like pairing up with people who are brave enough to tell their story, and kind enough to let others tell theirs. 

So, if you think that’s you, let’s drink some ☕ and chat.

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